Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kindess does matter

I read this somewhere a few years ago, so I cannot claim it as my own.  But I have tried to put it into practice in my every day life.  And sometimes that is not easy.  Sometimes I don't feel like being kind.

It sounds so simple.  Maybe too simple for some.  But it is so true.

Kindness matters.  Kindness requires slowing down a little, having a little more patience with one another.

It links us.  It makes us feel better.  In a world that can be full of fear, bullies, and downright evil - kindness is an an arm of hope.  Hope that we can make a difference - hope in each other.

Kindness develops community.

What is kindness?  Comes in lots of shapes and sizes - letting someone cut in front of you in the grocery check out line, volunteering at a shelter, at your local school, opening the door for someone, a smile, a smile can go a very long way.  Kindness can be contagious.

I was reminded of this just recently - we recently re did our will - it had been over 10 years - and the last time we did our will, our lawyer friend did it for free - this time I made a point of saying please charge us (side note, you might want to find out what a will cost PRIOR to getting one done and opening your mouth and saying bill us).  He did bill us - and I am not very savvy in the lawyer world - but apparently wills aren't cheap, even if you don't have much to will behind in the event of our death.  :-)  Well shortly after we got our original bill, his office sent another bill - saying "pay it forward" and again doing our will for NO charge.  I love this idea of paying it forward.  And at first felt very weighted down for we are not able to pay it forward in the same regard as our lawyer did for us.  But we do have the ability to do things to pay it forward.  And I strive every day to find ways that I can.  We all can.  And when each of us do kind things, this world starts to become a better place.

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  1. So true. Paying it forward isn't always about the money. There are many things we can do in our lives that can make a big difference in others lives. Thanks for the reminder.