Monday, January 7, 2013

Are we missing the here and now?

Lots on mind, as usual.  Best "material" comes to me - either in the shower, or when trying to sleep.
Then when get to "pen to paper" part - it seems to be magically gone.  :-)
So this is what I remember -
Have you ever sat and people watched?  Quite fascinating at times.  Requires us to be still for awhile.  Being still in this day and age has seemingly become quite difficult.
I had a moment yesterday where I was still, for just a moment.  And the scene in front of me was several different people there in front of me.  But were they really?  Most were there, but they had some device in front of them  - most everyone had a smartphone in front of them, a few had i pads or a tablet of sorts.
Now I know multi-tasking is important, and has a place.  But are we missing everything by being part there for it all?

Now the place I was at - was not a bank, nor an office, but rather the gym pool.
And most people were on the sidelines with others - and seemingly missing what was right before their eyes.
I not judging, for this was just a moment in time, and I could of very easily been one of those people in my eye's view.
Technology has made our lives easier, I will not doubt that, I know I appreciate the luxuries that technology brings, but are we missing what is playing out before us?

In that moment I decided to start bringing my cell phone with me less, until I myself have the self discipline to be present in the moment.  For the moment before me - may not play out again.
Ironically I may already been on to something - for this particular evening I actually forgot my cell phone at home.  And I survived.  And so did my family.  And I saved a little money too - for the one person that did text me while I was out with one son, was another son requesting I spend money on the way home.  But I did not have my phone with me to get this message.  :-)

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  1. Someone else was thinking the same as I today. She says it much more eloquently and has great ideas on how to help.