Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dizzy from so much going on.  At home, but most importantly in our United States of American and our world.

I decided to start watching the news to become more aware of what is going  - and quite frankly, I was all too soon reminded why I don't watch the news - too much negativity.  Like 24/7 negativity.

And with the Boston Terrorist Attack - information - given too soon - before the reporters really know what they are saying is factual or not.

People you really need to let the dust settle.  I would rather not know anything for an entire week, month, whatever it took - than to be misinformed.

Reporters do like to hear themselves talk - and sometimes they aren't talking facts.  Hearsay can be so damning, once the spoken word is out there - it is hard to get back.

Dizzy, from images played over and over.  Dizzy from politicians being "political" and using a terrorist tragedy for their own agenda.

Lives lost, lives forever changed.  This is a time for communities to come together.

And they have and they will continue to rebuild long after the politicians and sadly maybe the rest of America will start forgetting.

Dizzy that what keeps being played on airwaves is subjects that divide, not unite us.

We are the United States of America, we must not forget this.

Let's remember yes - there is great evil in our world.  Great evil, but there is also great joy and love and kindness.

And I will always believe the latter will triumph.   Always.

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